Regular DLL and event sink 
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 Regular DLL and event sink


(1) I have two regular DLLs which uses MFC (but not exporting any MFC
stuff) and the first one links the second one (static). In the second
DLL I want to use the Internet Explorer COM object (and also the date-
time-picker activeX control).
When I call navigate method on the IE-Interface, everthing works fine,
but my event handler "OnDocumentComplete" is never called.
(2) In another Appliction the first one is in fact an exe file, and
then all works fine.

My presumption is that in the first case the regular DLL has no message
pump and therefor does not receive the event (in contrast to the second

Is this presumption right ?
How can I get rid of this problem in (1) ?
(Note: I have no possibility to change something in exe which links the
first DLL!!!)

Thanks in advance,

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