Send message from subclassed ctrl to parent dlg? 
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 Send message from subclassed ctrl to parent dlg?

Hello all-

  Forgive me if this is a simple question- I'm relatively new to MFC and
windows programming.

  I subclassed CComboBox as "CKeyDropComboBox", and placed an instance
of it on my main dialog (of my wizard-generated dialog-based
application), called CComboTestDlg.  When a certain even happens on the
subclassed combo box, I would like a function to be called on the main
dlg.  If I understand the MSDN correctly, I should use a user message.
Where I've gotten stuck is on how to send the message, and how to set up
the handler on the dialog.

Here's how I'm sending from the subclassed combobox:
  GetParent()->SendMessage(KDCB_SELCHANGED, 0, 0);

I don't need to send any parameters just yet.  Is this the correct way?

I also gather that I need to use ON_MESSAGE in the message map and write
a handler, but these attempts have failed.

Does anyone have a simple example they'd be willing to share?

Korey Atterberry

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Tue, 20 May 2003 10:41:36 GMT  
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