MDI app, relative modal MDI childs 
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 MDI app, relative modal MDI childs

Hello everyone!

We are writing a MDI application, with different MDI children showing
different records of a database. When the user needs to enter some data in
one MDI child, a MDI dialog box should pop up, being modal only to the one
MDI child, which initiated this. All the other MDI windows (and the whole
application itself) should still work as usual.
Well, the first step was easy, I just disabled the MDI child window, when
the dialog pops up, and enable it, when the input is finished. The problem
is, if someone clicks on the (disabled) MDI child, I want to bring the MDI
child and the corresponding dialog to front, but a disabled window does not
get any useful messages. As we manage all MDI child windows in a treeview as
well, I want the same thing happen (= bringing both windows to front, focus
on the dialog) if somebody selects the window there; but putting all the
logic in the modal dialog.
Any help or ideas are very appreciated,

Christoph Roeper
Tel +49 241 963 2683

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Sat, 24 Mar 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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