multithreading, again and again! 
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 multithreading, again and again!

I've got a class, say, CMyDatabase which is supposed to encapsulate some
functionality of database access portion of my program, one of which is
appending portions of bytes to an image data type feild of a table.
Everything works fine, under one thread. I open a connection, create a
recordset, (with dynamic cursor and a client-side property) and select a
single row to the recordset. Then I try to call a method of my class, say,
AppendStream, which in turn calls AppendChunk against the mentioned
recordset pointer. Finally I call Update and Close respectively. Everythings
great when running from one thread! But when I do the same from different
threads, for example trying to update the image data type field of row no 3,
6, 9 and 17 at the same time, only one of these rows will be updated and
therefore being valid.

It would be highly appreciated if someone could tell me what's the problem
with what I've done! Let me say that each thread is using its copy of
CMyDatabase, so there's no thread-safe problem in my class arena.


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Sun, 01 Jun 2003 01:44:55 GMT  
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