Enabling multi-level undo in CRichEditView 
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 Enabling multi-level undo in CRichEditView


I've been trying to implement the historical undo system, which
Microsoft refers to as "multi-level undo". The application is written
in MFC and usually calling LoadLibrary("riched20") before the creation
of the control enables the v2.0/3.0 features of RichEd. But in this
case I'm using a CRichEditView and it continues to run as 1.0

Does anyone know how to enable the RichEdit v2.0, 3.0 features in an
MFC application for a CRichEditView? I thought it may have something
to do with setting one of the styles before the windows is created. Or
if there was some way I could manually call CreateWindowEx() I could
pass RICHED_CLASS instead which should do it. No?

Thanks for any expertise.

Sat, 26 Jun 2004 03:07:44 GMT  
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