Compile an old VC5.0 Dll Project under VC6.0 causes error 
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 Compile an old VC5.0 Dll Project under VC6.0 causes error

I had this problem - the biggest problem is the error message itself - it's
sooooo helpful !!  My problem was due to running an incorrect version of
midl.exe. This might be your problem.

First do a Find files / midl.exe and record where each one is.

Then in MSVC++ IDE do Tools / Options / Directories and change the combobox
to be executable files. The resulting directories are displayed in the list
box. The listbox is like a PATH statement - if midl.exe is found in the
directory at the top of the listbox then this would be run in preference to
an midl.exe found in the second directory within the listbox. You can move
one directory above  another within the listbox. Hopefully if you manage to
shift the directory containing the correct midl.exe above the other one your
compilation of interface definition language files (.IDL) files will

> Hey folks,

> Recently I got the new VC6.0. For a new project I'm currently working I
> to use an old DLL compiled with VC5.0. Now, my program throwes an
> when the DLL is loaded.

> So, I tried to convert my old DLL project and to build a new DLL (VC6.0
> this automatically when opening an older project).

> When building the DLL I got this mystic error:

> some other IDLs...
> Shelley.idl
> Error processing midl.exe. (translated from German version)

> Having a look at the properties of Shelley.idl I see a new tab in VC6.0
> named MIDL. Unfortunately I have no idea what the proper settings are.

> Does anyone of you have an idea what I'm doing wrong here?

> Henryk

Fri, 21 Feb 2003 03:08:08 GMT  
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