URGENT URGENT PLEASE HELP ME ActiveX multiples classes 
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 URGENT URGENT PLEASE HELP ME ActiveX multiples classes

Hi ,

I build a ocx with 5 classes.
    1:    1.h,    1.cpp   derived from COleControl
    2:    2.h,    2.cpp   derived from CCmdTarget
    3:    3.h,    3.cpp   derived from CCmdTarget
    4:    4.h,    4.cpp   derived from CCmdTarget
    5:    5.h,    5.cpp    derived from CCmdTarget

When I include this ocx in my project in visual, i see just one classe
:1.h and 1.cpp
I need to see all the classes in my ocx.

I if kwon this trouble please send my a exemple.

Bye thanks a lot.

Martin Duperron , programmor
GeoCom Inc.

Sat, 27 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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