MFC DLL problem 
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 MFC DLL problem

I have an OCX which dynamically links to mfco42d.dll. It calls COleDateTime
constructor in this library (ordinal 327).
This ordinal is present in the imports of this OCX (dumpbin /imports). When
I run the exe which uses this OCX I get "assertion failed...". I select
debug and look at the call stack. It says that the calles function is not
the constructor with ordinal 327; it says that the called function is
CDateTimeCtrl::GetTime() with ordinal 1930. This ordinal is absent in the
imports of the OCX. The mfco42d.lib import library contains 327 for the
COleDateTime ctor and 1930 for the CDateTimeCtrl::GetTime().

Fri, 24 Oct 2003 13:16:45 GMT  
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