getting wierd error back from Crypto after install of Power Point 
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 getting wierd error back from Crypto after install of Power Point

     I have some code using MFC's crypto libraries. The code ran fine for a
number of months and still runs fine on my NT box, but my laptop that runs
98 started puking after Power Point was installed. I tried uninstalling
Power Point, but it did no good.

    The code dies in two spots. The one hunk of code is to generate new
keys. I get an error back from CryptGenKey. The other is  a piece of code to
hash information using those keys. It dies in CryptImportKey. Both of these
functions are passed CRYPT_EXPORTABLE.

    I get the same error number back from these functions 2148073504. I
tried using FormatMessage to print out the string value and it returns NULL
and I checked the MSDN and didn't find any refernce to this error number.

    Anybody seen anything like this. I don't like the idea of sending out
code that can suddenly die because the user install another MS product.


Sun, 28 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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