UI that displays a PIF file ICON hangs application 
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 UI that displays a PIF file ICON hangs application

I have a bunch of files, with PIF extension, that are not the MSDOS PIF
file that windows use.  I am using nt 4 workstation.

whenever I get to a user interface that will display a particular PIF file
icon (such as in Explorer, Find File, Open File dialog, etc), it hangs
the application that owns that process.  that is, if I am in explorer
and I opened the folder containing the culprit PIF file, explorer
will hang (consume 100% CPU time).  Or if I am in notepad and
do a file open and go to the folder where the PIF file is located,
notepad will hang (also consume 100% CPU time).  I created a skeleton
exe file using MFC wizard in VC++ and used the open file dialog
and it also hangs that program.  So something is definitely going on
with the procedure that draws the icon on the window for a PIF
file.   The common denominator here is that anything that needs to
map/draw the icon for the given file extension (PIF in this case)
will hang the system.  It almost seems like windows treat PIF files
differently. Like it actually opens the file and does some processing
on it.

what is the actual win32 call that does this ?  (that the  GetOpenFilename
API uses).

I know I can eliminate the problem by using a different file extension,
but that is out of my control, so I am stuck with PIF file extension.

any ideas ?


Tue, 24 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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