Q: ActiveX CTL Getting Printer Info From Container 
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 Q: ActiveX CTL Getting Printer Info From Container


 I am developing an ActiveX control using ATL.  It is very important that I
 know what printer the container is currently working with, so I can draw
 my control on the screen in a WYSIWYG fashion.  I currently can can get
 the printers HDC and DEVMODE ONLY when the control is printed by the container
 (using the pta member of ATL's ATL_DRAWINFO structure), but not when the
 control is being displayed on the screen.  It is a problem if the user
 never prints from the container.

 My question is this.

        1) I need to know from inside my control what printer the container
           is working with.  I need to know the printer's name, DEVMODE,
           and/or HDC before the control is drawn for the first time.

               How can I get this information and at what time?

 Mike Riston


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Fri, 17 Nov 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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