Text to Rich Edit conversion on read from file 
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 Text to Rich Edit conversion on read from file

I need to read in a text file, parse the text, then dump the file into
a rich edit control.  I'm trying to convert an existing MFC
application so the user can use the built-in find features and be able
to save the file out to rtf.  I'm going over CHARFORMAT and
PARAFORMAT, but can't see how to apply things like line spacing, font,
etc. as a default so that these apply to all lines in the file.  Any
help in the right direction would be appreciated.

Benjamin Eakin

Sat, 06 Dec 2003 05:54:54 GMT  
 Text to Rich Edit conversion on read from file
I suggest you refer to one sample named WordPad in VC. It tells us how to
use Rich Edit control in MFC application.


Sat, 06 Dec 2003 14:54:09 GMT  
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