Unresolved static template data member exported from DLL 
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 Unresolved static template data member exported from DLL

I'm building a DLL (A.DLL) which imports symbols from another DLL (B.DLL).
The linker is reporting that a symbol is unresolved when building A.DLL,
even though the unresolved mangled name appears both in B.DLL's map file,
and the exports listed by DUMPBIN for B.DLL.

The symbol in question is a static data member of a template class
explicitly instantiated in B.DLL. I use the __declspec(dllexport) specifier
on the instantiation statement in B.DLL - that's how come the symbol is
being exported.

So why doesn't A.DLL find the symbol? It is happily finding many other
symbols, including functions of the template class from B.DLL. This is the
only unresolved.

I'm using VC++ Version 6 with service pack 5 under ME.

I'm well stuck.
Any ideas?

Thanks in advance

Mon, 06 Dec 2004 02:20:47 GMT  
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