error writing to vc50.pdb ??? 
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 error writing to vc50.pdb ???

I'm experiencing a problem using Visual C++ 5.0.  After doing a debug
build, a file vc50.pdb gets generated.  if during the debugging of the
build if I experience an "Unhandled Exception" error, the I can no longer
open/write to vc50.pdb.  So when I attempt to restart a debug session I get
the message "Please enter path for vc50.pdb"...if I point it to the
vc50.pdb file it used during the previous debug session I get the message
"error writing to program database vc50.pdb".

1. Has anyone else seen this issue?

2. Is there an easy work around once this occurs...besides rebuilding your
entire project which is what I am doing now?

3. Is there any way of avioding this...besides handling all exceptions
(which is too obvious)?

4. Does anyone know why this happens? (outstanding microsoft bug?)


Mon, 24 Apr 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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