Insufficient Memory Problem solved... 
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 Insufficient Memory Problem solved...

We have a VC++ application that brought the server to its
limits on memory usage and the connection would not
execute SQL statements and return a recordset to the

The VC++ program is not using ADO or RDO or DAO, but is
using the ODBC SQL Server DLL.

We noticed that the connection in the SQL Server
Enterprise Manager - Current Activity / Process Info area
had the Memory Usage column constantly growing. We solved
this problem by releasing the recordset and connection
object in the VC++ program after every 2000 queries.

What can be done to release this memory? Can SQL Server be
configured differently? Does something need to be done
with ODS?

SQL Server 7 did not crash, but we would like to monitor
and prevent this from happening.


Sun, 27 Feb 2005 22:07:44 GMT  
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