WORKAROUND: nested template type default parameter values 
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 WORKAROUND: nested template type default parameter values

I posted earlier about a bug in VC++ 5.0 compiler. Bug occured when using a
nested type as function default parameter value. This bug prevents usage of
STL containers with nested types.

I found a workaround to the bug with the help of language construct called
"using declaration". See code below. Unfortunately this does not help if
you want to instantiate the nested type in the same namespace where the
type is declared. (As a member of class "Outer" in the code.)

Knowledge base article Q167350
( http://www.*-*-*.com/ ), which handles a
similiar problem, pushed me into the right direction.

Sami Rosendahl

template<class T>
class Test {
  Test() : m_t() { }
  Test(const T& t) : m_t(t) { }
  void set(const T& t = T()) { m_t = t; }
  T m_t;


class Outer {
  Outer() { }

  class Inner {
    Inner() { }

//  Test<Inner> m_inner;  // This does not compile


Test<Outer> outer;  // This compiles ok

using Outer::Inner;
Test<Outer::Inner> inner; // Now this compiles ok

class Outer2 : public Outer {
  Outer2() { }

  Test<Inner> m_inner;  // This compiles ok too


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