newbie on VStudio 6.0 MSDN help 
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 newbie on VStudio 6.0 MSDN help


    I installed 6.0 on my machine. The help for all the tools comes on two
CDs called as the MSDN Library Visual Studio 6.0. I do not have enuf space
on my machine. And I would like to install the help files on a server. I
followed the instructions in the readmedn.htm file, but the MSDN setup
insists on copying all the help files on my machine. Is there any way to ask
the setup to only copy some initialization files on my machine and keep the
rest on the server(as we could do with MSDN July 98 and earlier Infoviewer
based MSDN releases)??



Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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