ExitInstance not called in debug mode 
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 ExitInstance not called in debug mode


I support a Windows application that was originally written in Visual C++
v1.52 but which I have recently converted to VC++ v6.00. In the 32 bit
version, ExitInstance doesn't appear to be being called when the project is
compiled in debug mode, either when running it in the de{*filter*} or when
running the executable. As far as I can make out from tracing, the WM_QUIT
message isn't being posted (the last message retrieved in the PumpMessage
loop seems to be WM_NCLBUTTONDOWN). Everything seems OK in the release
version, and also in both debug and release versions when compiled with VC++
v1.52. Has anyone any idea what could be causing this?

Configuration details:
Visual C++  Enterprise Edition v6.0 with SP3 applied.
Windows 95.

John Lyons

Sat, 29 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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