Odd Control Panel Applet failures 
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 Odd Control Panel Applet failures

This may not be the right group to ask this in so perhaps someone could
direct me to the correct one.

I have a control panel applet that works properly.  In certain circumstances
(on Windows 2000 only so far) when we update this applet to a newer version
using an InstallShield script, the control panel reports that it can't find
the entry point anymore.  However if I try and execute it in different ways
I can usually find one that works.  Double clicking on the file in explorer
always seems to work.  Spawning it manually with rundll32 seems to always
work.  Running 'control xxxx.cpl' works sometimes in both the same directory
that the cpl is in, and different ones.  Sometimes it only fails once then
works, sometimes it fails constantly until you run it successfully somehow
then it works, sometimes it just always fails.  If you copy the old one to a
different directory before you install the new one it fails, but if you
remove the copy after that it starts to work again.

Is the Control Panel trying to do some fancy cacheing that I'm tripping
over?  I'm really up the creek on this one.

Sun, 09 Oct 2005 22:44:49 GMT  
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