Share Info, using NetShare.. vs. WNetGet... 
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 Share Info, using NetShare.. vs. WNetGet...

Hi group,
    I hoping that someone can give me a hand with a Visual C++ problem
running on a NT 4 server.
    I'm trying to write a server side process that will, amongst other
things, accept a command string from a client machine.  The client machine
is capable of sending in a string that uses a UNC name, which is my problem.
The way I have the server side process built, I need to decode this string
into the local path information, so that a string sent in like
\\machine\c$\autoexec.bat  gets changed to c:\autoexec.bat in the server
side process.  I have looked through the MSDN stuff and found info on WNet
functions. The Enum function can enumerate the shares to which a client is
connected, it does not seem to be able to get info about what shares a
server is advertising.  The other function(s) I have come across are the
NetShare functions but these basically say they are obsolete and the WNet
functions should be used in their place.  (BTW, I couldn't get the NetShare
functions to work either)
    Given that background, can anyone give me a hand with a method by which
I could obtain the local share info.

    Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated.


Thu, 27 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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