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 directories and files

  I need to write a simple application that will take a text file as input,
parse the file and act only on lines that contain a certain keyword.  My
knowledge of C is limited to what I learned in college a few years ago. but
I have the file opening and parsing working.  The lines I need to process
are file names with full path like this:

Source=C:\Program Files\MyApp\bin\app.exe

I can open the file, loop through the lines and pick out the ones that begin
with Source= and even strip the Source= from the line so I am left with just
the path info.  I need to copy these files to a different root path while
maintaining the path structure of the source files.  Like this

c:\program files\myapp\bin\app.exe

gets copied to

c:\newroot\program files\myapp\bin\app.exe.

I need to create the path structure if it is not present under the newroot
folder.  Now the question:

How do I create directories and copy files with long file names in VC++?

Thanks for any help provided.

Olan Wilson

Tue, 14 Oct 2003 00:26:53 GMT  
 directories and files

>How do I create directories and copy files with long file names in VC++?


Have a look primarily at SHFileOperation - I think that's going to be
the most useful function for your situation. Additionally, there's the
following functions:

        CreateDirectory, _splitpath, _makepath, CopyFile

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Tue, 14 Oct 2003 00:51:27 GMT  
 directories and files

> How do I create directories and copy files with long file names in VC++?

The following routine should get you going

 unsigned long create_dir (const std::string& dir)
  // create modifiable copy of target directory
  std::string partial (dir);

  // holds path portions
  std::vector<std::string> v;

  // split the path into portions
  std::string::size_type idx;
  while ((idx = partial.rfind ('\\')) != std::string::npos)
   v.push_back (partial.substr (idx));
   partial.resize (idx);

  // save the drive
  v.push_back (partial);

  // clear partial
  partial.erase ();

  unsigned long rc = NO_ERROR;
  while (rc == NO_ERROR && v.size ())
   // append first/next partial
   partial += v.back ();
   if (::CreateDirectory (partial.c_str (), 0) == 0)
    // if it already exists (includes file)
    if (::GetLastError () == ERROR_ALREADY_EXISTS)
     // There is no error
     rc = NO_ERROR;
     // any other error means we can't create the dir
     rc = CANNOT_CREATE;
   v.pop_back ();
  return rc;

Tue, 14 Oct 2003 04:37:27 GMT  
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