Disabling main menu items 
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 Disabling main menu items

I have an IDR_MAINFRAME main menu in an SDI application. Is there any
way to disable a whole top level selection (and subordinates) based on a

Like, disable the Edit menu and all items under it if a document isn't

I have done that with sub items using CView::OnUpdate() but there is no
ID number for the top level menu item, and I can't get Class Wiz to
create an OnUpdate method for it.

Or do I have to do it separately for each sub item underneath?


Mon, 04 Oct 2004 01:21:56 GMT  
 Disabling main menu items


>but there is no
>ID number for the top level menu item, and I can't get Class Wiz to
>create an OnUpdate method for it.

You use EnableMenuItem and reference menu bar items by _position_.


CMenu * pMenu = GetMenu ();
if (pMenu)
  pMenu->EnableMenuItem (0, MF_GRAYED|MF_BYPOSITION);

Will gray out the leftmost item on your window's menubar.

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Mon, 04 Oct 2004 03:48:15 GMT  
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