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 Loosing Error

Hello everyone,

I guess this question appears time-to-time, but missed it:
Why do I loose meaningful error info if following macro (placed in the
catch-block) used to "throw-or-forward" exception?

#define IssueATLError( _e ) \
  { \
  ATLTRACE( "\nThread: %p, File: %s, line: %d\n", GetCurrentThreadId(),
__FILE__, __LINE__ ); \
  CComBSTREx bstrErrText; \
  bstrErrText.Format( IDS_ERROR, \
   (LPCOLESTR)_e.ErrorMessage(), \
   (LPCOLESTR)_e.Description(), \
   (LPCOLESTR)_e.Source()); \
  ATLTRACE( bstrErrText ); \
  return Error( bstrErrText, _e.GUID(), _e.Error() ); \

like that:

 ISomeObjectPtr spSomeObject( __uuidof(SomeObject));
 spSomeObject->CallSomethingThrowingException(); // throws exception using
above mentioned macro (supposenly returning something informative, like "no
current record")


catch(_com_error& e)
    AtlIssueError( e ); // try to "forward" exception further


will not produce meaningful error. only correct HR will be returned with
description and source totaly lost - "Description: (null), Source: (null)"

I guess, some interface at the moment when final client gets chance to
process the exception already released or something?

Thanks in advance,

Tue, 06 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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