I am having problem sending WM_COPYDATA message to a 16bit app. 
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 I am having problem sending WM_COPYDATA message to a 16bit app.

Unfortunately I have to talk to a 16 bit app.  I have gotten to the point
where I send  a WM_COPYDATA message to a 32 bit and it works great.  But
when I reversed the process of sending a WM_COPYDATA message to the 16 bit
app I get garbage in the data pointer.  I have checked the 32bit app and it
works fine with a 32bit app.  I'm sure I'm doing something wrong with the
pointers but I'm at a loss.

typedef struct tagCOPYDATASTRUCT
   DWORD dwData;
   DWORD cbData;
   VOID FAR *lpData;


          pMyCDS =  (LPCOPYDATASTRUCT) lParam;
          PtMyRec = pMyCDS->lpData;
          strcpy(MsgD, PtMyRec->result);
          dislog("Number is :%d",PtMyRec->x);

Mon, 05 Feb 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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