Subclassing Toolbar Common Control & GetOpenFileName() 
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 Subclassing Toolbar Common Control & GetOpenFileName()

I have subclassed the toolbar Common Control and replaced it's
"WndProc" function with one that does some trivial processing of the
messages and(without modifying them)immediately calls the true
WndProc.  I can create the toolbar without trouble, and it works
perfect. But, if I call GetOpenFileName to show the open file dialog
box, my program immmediately exits(without error msg).  If, I do not
subclass the Toolbar, this problem does not occur.  I have no clue why
these two seemingly unrelated windows could interact to cause an
error. I have noticed that it is only the Toolbar that "causes" this
to happen.  If I subclass any other Common Control(with the exact same
procedure), no error occurs.

My Info:
Win 98SE
Win32 API
MSVC 6 sp5


Thu, 16 Sep 2004 05:54:31 GMT  
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