Using Projects and Sub-Projects 
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 Using Projects and Sub-Projects

Could anyone please help with the following problem:-

I have been creating a number of SDI projects within Visual C++. What I now
wish to do is plug all these together to form a single project. These
projects all reference a single instance of a database, 'PC
Calibration.mdb', this database being held in a pre-defined location. This
does not present a problem, however, what I now wish to do is on selection
of command button, within for example project1, is execute, for instance
project2. How do I do this?

Me being a novice MFC programmer, I would hope that its as simple as:-

void CPlantView::OnNextPlant()
        // TODO: Add your command handler code here

        //My Code Starts Here


        //My Code Ends Here


However this does not appear to be the case. Thus proving the fact that I
am a complete lemon head!!!!

This problem I believe relates to the organisation of my project and
sub-projects. Any details on what I need to do along with a good
explantion(Please), would be much appreciated.

Regards Anthony Carl Bennett

If my explanation is a bit poor, then please email me and I will provided
with the actual problem specification.

Sat, 07 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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