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 Playsound syntax


I have read the docs on the playsound API.

Here are my findings:
The documentation states that in order to register a sound event, Create a
key in the registry:

    and then give it a human-friendly value.

I found that I further needed to define a key of the same name in:

Now it becomes visible in the Control Panel\Sounds applet and I may
successfully associate a .wav file to the event, then call the event  from
my application using  Playsound("MyEventName", null, SND_ASYNC)

What I would like to do is specify a key other than .Default. For example,
here is the Explorer event for Activating a document:

When you use the Control Panel\Sounds applet, all sound events which are
specific to explorer a grouped under the Explorer category.

I am able to create my own 'category', but if my event does not exist under
the .Default entry, I cannot use Playsound to get to it.

Is there a specific syntax to get at these 'categorized' events?

Thanks in advance!


Wed, 26 Jun 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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