Tool to print source code in color 
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 Tool to print source code in color


CodePrint Valet creates custom formatted C++ and Visual Basic source
code listings.

The utility allows you to save your code files as a RTF (Rich Text
Format) document with the format of the keywords you have specified. So
you are able to review the formatted source code in an editor (e.g.
Word) before you start the print job.

There you have a wide choice of fonts and styles to further
professionalize your output. You may arrange the page layout to fit your

needs, including setting margins, indentations, columns, page breaks,
and customized page headings and footers. Using a color capable printer,

CodePrint Valet will produce code listings that highlight keywords and
comments - each in a different color.
The utility will produce a listing you will be proud to display.


Mon, 15 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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