HOWTO: Subclass window from different Process ??? 
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 HOWTO: Subclass window from different Process ???

The window that you want to subclass is in a thread of another process, so
its window proc is also in another process. In this case, You should use
some techniques to inspect your DLL into that process (the DLL contains your
hooking code).

> I'm trying to make app. that will record user events and reproduce them
> later.
> So I could debug my other applications that are in development.
> Something like few clicks with mouse, few clicks on keyboard, capture
> screen,
> and few mouse clicks there, capture screen.
> So I could later look those screens to see is app. working fine.

> I have tried so many things, SetWindowLong, SetWindowsHookEx,
> so far I managed to make DLL file which records everything but I wish
> if I could somehow return those records to VB, without saving it to HD
> (real-time call)???


> Nikola Bozovic

Thu, 01 Sep 2005 00:04:35 GMT  
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