Q: OLE Containers w/o MFC? 
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 Q: OLE Containers w/o MFC?

Newbie Question (please be kind)...

I have a DLL which needs to communicate with an OCX. When I obtain the
IDispatch interface and call it's methods (via invoke()) I get an
error 0x8000ffff. SO I made an MFC test app which creates a container
within a CView object. This allowed me to call the methods I need without
any problems.
Now the problem is that my DLL can not allow me to create a global CWinApp
object because it would then, of course, start a message loop which will not
return control to the calling application. But then again without a CWinApp
object I can not create the CView object or other MFC container objects.
Okay, can someone point me to the right direction? Basically this DLL will
a bunch of functions which will be called by an application. What is the
best/quickest way to create a container object so that I can talk access the
methods? (BTW: the ocx evidently needs to somehow bind to a window otherwise
fails -- it needs to draw in the window)
I hope that this is not too obvious of a solution but as an OLE newbie I am
quite stumped.

Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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