Need Help On Win32 (Keyboard) Hooks 
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 Need Help On Win32 (Keyboard) Hooks

Hi there,

I've been looking for a way to trap input from keyboard while running a DLL. I
was attended to a mechanism called hooks. I've read some articles and downloaded
a sample (from Microsoft's FTP site) but the example didn't work. I got a couple
of errors and a massive number of warnings.

I wonder if there is a good working example out there that demonstrates hooks in
combination with threads. Is there? If so: where can I find it?

Maybe you're able to show how to create one. What I want is, for now, print the
current time to a file (eventualy I want to read data from the comport, but
that's already been done by me - the only thing I have to do then is replace the
for writing the time to the file with the code needed to read from the port)
until the user presses a key combination, let say CTRL-Q. I want to use threads
(when not using threads, Windows signals the user via the Task Manager that the
program is not responding but it's just waiting for input).

Can anyone help me

Thanks in advance,

Marco Houtman

Fri, 27 Jun 2003 20:48:30 GMT  
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