Manual mod of string resource ids causes failed resource load 
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 Manual mod of string resource ids causes failed resource load


I accidentally allowed multiple checkouts on the resource.h and lrrs.rc
during the early stages of a new project. Consequently, through the
auto-merge process, we ended up with string table resources that had the
same ids. Ugh.

So, in order to 'correct' this problem I checked out resource.h and manually
reset all the ids to be both unique and contiguous starting from 32771 (the
first value already there).

Now some of the string resources won't load.

I've rebuilt the project from scratch after deleting all but the dsp and dsw
files. No dice. The .rc file has not been affected, i.e. the same IDS_xxx
are still relevant.

Can anyone shed some light on possible causes?

Thanks one and all,

Fri, 22 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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