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 VC++ DLL w/ VB

Hi there,

I'm trying to use a VC++ DLL with VB.
Several other entry points work with existing VC++ code
through the .lib files. VB claims that the
entry point doesn't exist. resvr32 claims that
DllRegisterServer entry point doesn't exist
(even if I create a dummy one). I have tried to
come up with the right sequence of calls needed
to get this puppy to work but "she keeps breakin'
apart Capt'n." I put the DLL in the correct windows
directory. (otherwise VB complains that it can't find
the DLL - The hardcoded path is temporary)

I put the code fragments below...

Thanks in advance,


Here is the VC++ declaration:

    DllExport int WINAPI SearchVerityCollection(char *query,
                        int maxKeys, char *app_abbrev,
                        char *locationid, char *product_type,
                        VARIANT FAR* ProductKeys,
                        int *numMatches);

Here is the VB decalration:

   Private Declare Function SearchVerityCollection Lib _
       "d:\Winnt\System\acqverity.dll" (str As String, _
       maxKeys As Integer, app_abbrev As String, LocationId As String, _
       product_type As String, ByRef ProductKeys As Variant, _
       ByRef numMatches As Integer) As Integer

Sat, 06 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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