Global Keyboard Hook Problem 
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 Global Keyboard Hook Problem

Hi.  I have a VB form with two checkboxes on it.  One checkbox installs
a hook to disable the spacebar and the other disables the enter key.  My
hook functions are located in a VC++ dll.  They both work fine within
the VB application, however, when both are checked only the most recent
one checked works globally.  I put messageboxes in my two hook functions
to see where the messages are being passed.  In the VB application, the
message goes through both functions, but outside it only goes through
one function.  Does anyone know why this should be?  I'm sure the
problem has to do with the fact that these are both keyboard hooks.
I've installed a number of different hooks at once (keyboard, mouse,
shell, etc...) and they've worked fine.  Please help.  Thanks.

Sun, 25 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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