Scrolling in a Dialog 
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 Scrolling in a Dialog

I need to create a dialog that allows me to scroll a group of edit boxes
while leaving the OK and Cancel buttons alone.  Will I have to add a
scrollbar control and handle all of the drawing/position of the controls
myself or is there an easier way?  Any sample code out there?

Also, I've created a  CWnd derived class that displays text information.
The text consists of a Q&A list.  The questions are one color the answers
are indented and in another color.  I am using DrawText in the OnPaint
method to output the text to the screen.  Again, I need to scroll through
this data.  I found some documentation concerning Scrolling Text, but it was
using single line, homogenous font/color etc.  Is there a static RTF control
that I could use that would take care of this for me?


Sun, 28 Oct 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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