App fails when creating/showing Modeless Dialog 
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 App fails when creating/showing Modeless Dialog


I have an SDI in VC++ 5.0 into which I have recently introduced a modeless
dialog. This dialog includes an SSTab control, an MSFlexgrid Control, a
Slider Control, and several other Edit and Combo controls. I think I have
included and registered all of the necessary libraries (.ocx files and .dll
files). I have one user who has attempted to install the app and execute it.
During the initialization it gives her the following 'Debug Assertion
Failed' message:

line 652

If she presses 'ignore' the app finishes initializing and seems to work ok,
until she attempts to show the modeless dialog, at which point she receives
another 'Debug Assertion failed' message with the following:

line 3130.

The odd thing is that this app works fine on 2 other stations where I have
installed it/developed it, so it points to a distributed component of the
app, most specifically MFC (I think).

Is there anyone out there who can provide some helpful hints??

Cheers & TIA


Sat, 22 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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