Subclassing Problem with Unicode Windows 
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 Subclassing Problem with Unicode Windows


I've used CallWindowProc for sublcassing in my active X
control window. Control works fine in any normal window
application but when used with web page in Internet
Explorer 6.0. It gives an exception.

I guess it is due to Unicode to Ansi conversion problem.
When my control subclass the window, it subclass the IE
window (Unicode). You can say- it is subclassing Unicode
window with non-unicode window procedure.

But Microsoft Documents says -
"Windows NT/2000/XP:The CallWindowProc function handles
Unicode-to-ANSI conversion." I think this is not true and
is a bug in IE. Any comments..?

Btw: This is ATL COM component and environment is VC6 with
SP5.0 on W2k, IE 6.0


Mon, 23 May 2005 07:06:34 GMT  
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