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 ATL service question

Newbie question here.  It looks as though creating an NT service via the ATL
Service Lizard (I mean, Wizard) is pretty simple in that it creates all the
necessary service-related "stuff" for you (you know, the couple hundred
lines of code to create a service that does nothing yet...<g>).

Question:  is an ATL service *like* any other NT service?  I realize that
the ATL framework (right term?) is designed to create COM-based
applications, but can you (for instance) put non-COM database access code,
non-COM winsock code, or any other non-COM C++ (or even C) code into the
ATL/COM NT service?  Any answers appreciated!


David C. Sisk
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Thu, 14 Feb 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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