Display bitmaps in Print Preview and printing bitmaps. 
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 Display bitmaps in Print Preview and printing bitmaps.

I'm trying to get BitBlt to draw a bitmap in the OnDraw function so it show
up on the print preview and be printed. The flowing code works in the
View::Paint() to display the bitmap on the screen but not in the
View::OnDraw to be printed. Any help would be appreciated.

  CClientDC dc(this); // device context for painting

HBITMAP hbitmap =

// Create a memory DC
HDC hMemDC = :: CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);

// Select the bitmap in the memory dc.

// Copy the memory dc into the screen dc
int bb = ::BitBlt(dc.m_hDC, //destination
     20,  //RECTAB[4]
     hMemDC, // Source

// Delete the memory DC and the bitmap


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