Newbie question about printing text and timer function 
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 Newbie question about printing text and timer function


I was just wondering how easy it would be for me to do this in VC++ 6.0?

Display 4 lines of text in a specific font, colour and size, then wait
for user input (a key press) to change those 4 lines for another 4
lines. I want to measure the time from when the text displays to when
the user pressed a key. Then write this time to a txt file. I also need
some boxes to fill in at the start, and the user input data also needs
to written to the txt file.

I am just starting out in VC++ but I have been using C++ on unix for 5
years. I'm sure it cant be that hard and I think I should be using the
CStatic and CFont classes for the text. It's just the file output and
timing that could prove difficult.


Tue, 19 Nov 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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