CFileDialog move Buttons and Combobox 
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 CFileDialog move Buttons and Combobox

I have make an DialogBox and in this Dialog I have include the CFileDialog
Box and have add a Button in my Dialoag Box. The CFileDialogbox have the
function to resize the Dialog box. This have get my Dialog Box also.

 There are 2 Problems:

The first Problem:          I have place my Button on the correct place in
the OnPaint Funktion. If I make my Dialog bigger and close it at the next
time the button ist                                     on the wrong place.

The second Problem:    Under WIN98 the Button Cancel and Save/Open the
Combobox that displays the list of file type filters and Edit control, that
displays the                                     name of the current file,
or allows the user to type the name of the file to open, doese not change
there size if I rizise my Dialog. Under
WIN2000 they do it.

Thanks in advance!!

Harald Pichler

Tue, 16 Dec 2003 19:43:34 GMT  
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