Getting Binary Registry Key Value 
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 Getting Binary Registry Key Value

I am trying to figure out how to read in a binary value from the
registry.  I have searched through DEJA without finding particulars.  I
can read a string value without a problem.  I figure I am not making
the proper var types to handle the binary read.
Can anyone give me some pointers with this.

I would post a snippet but only snippet that works is the string get

Explorer\\URL Compatibility",0,KEY_READ,&hkey);
RegQueryValueEx(hkey, "Version", NULL, NULL,reinterpret_cast<LPBYTE>

ieversion is properly initialized of course

I need to get the binary value
Explorer\\ActiveX Compatibility\\{06A7EC63-4E21-11D0-A112-
RegQueryValueEx(hkey2,"Compatibility Flags",NULL,NULL,(LPBYTE)

but can't get anything useful into value.

I have tried changign 4th param to REG_DWORD without any luck.


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Mon, 05 Aug 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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