SOS...SOS...SOS...URGENT HELP about VC++ build ASP componts,Please 
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 SOS...SOS...SOS...URGENT HELP about VC++ build ASP componts,Please

Dear everybody:

  I need develop an asp componts with vc++,I have build it with "MFC
AppWizard(DLL)" but it not work very well,and i build with "MFC
AppWizard(EXE)" then it work very well!. Not as a dll componts ,an EXE VC
componts can't be registed by my clent server, so how to make the VC++ exe
componts so it can be registed by clent server???

  any help will be great thanks!!!!!!!!!!

Thu, 20 May 2004 10:30:02 GMT  
 SOS...SOS...SOS...URGENT HELP about VC++ build ASP componts,Please

As I understand, you are able to register the components in MFC DLL, but
the componets cannot be registered in MFC EXE. Please correct me if there
is any misunderstanding.

Are the components ATL objects? Did you add them to MFC DLL or EXE project
by inserting a new ATL object?
If so, there is a known issue that it may fail to add registration code the
first time when we call to add a new ATL object to MFC project. For
detailed information and resolution, please refer to KB article Q198537 in
MSDN or MSDN online at

Please let me know if this helps.


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Sat, 22 May 2004 17:31:10 GMT  
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