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 Member Template Classes

I have created a program that uses Member Template Classes.  I have Visual
C++ 5.0.  I could not access a member function of one of the member template
classes so my program failed to compile.  I then found out in a
Knowledgebase article that MS VC++ 5.0 does not support member template
classes. Article ID: Q165684.

Actually, the article just says member templates, so I guess this means
templates of any kind.

Does anyone know if Visual C++ 6.0 supports them?  If not, does anyone know
a better way to accomplish:

1.   Generalization of base class functionality on differing data types, ie,
I need to generalize the action of a base class on arrays of byte of
differing sizes.  Right now, I have a template class that takes an array of
any size and does various things with it.  I specify the array size at
instantiation time.
2.  Inclusion of instantiated classes as members of a container class.  For
instance, I could have a class instantiated on an array of 6 bytes and
another on an array of 4 bytes as members of a container class.  Right now,
I just included my template classes instantiated appropriately in the
containing class but it failed to work correctly as mentioned above.  I also
have the need to overload the constructors and member functions of the
member classes.

I do not need runtime polymorphism, just compile time polymorphism.  I
thought I had the perfect solution, and it would have worked, but ... oh,


J. Scott Sanbar

(take away dash from return address to e-mail me)

Sun, 01 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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