obtaining call stack information during runtime 
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 obtaining call stack information during runtime

i need to access information about the call stack during program runtime (in
debug mode vc 6)..

more specifically (and there may be another way to do this) i need to find
out the name of the function within my project which creates an instance of
a specific class.. unfortunatley due to the fact that the object is CObject
derived the information dumped by the memory leak dump simply points to the
IMPLEMENT_SERIAL() macro for the object..

i suppose the ideal solution for me would be to place a TRACE() statement in
the constructor of the object which is leaking that outputs the pointer to
the object being created and maybe the last five functions on the call

is there anyway to achieve what i require?

thanks in advance,

Jonathan Williamson

Sun, 07 Apr 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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