Flicker-free animation routine crashes 
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 Flicker-free animation routine crashes

Env: VC4.0, Win95


I have derived a CMyImageList class from CImageList. I want to move an
image of the list in a straight line from between two given points. To
avoid flicker, I use validation to redraw only the needed parts. This
works quite well, but after a two or three animations, I get a message
box saying EXACTLY "A needed resource was" and an OK button. Clicking
the button makes the message box reappear. If the De{*filter*} is on, it
says "fatal error: uncaught exception" and a hex address.

I then replaced my code with a more flickery version that BitBlt's from
a memory DC, and the error disappeared. However, when the program was
run for a long while (the function called thousands of times), the same
error occured a couple of times. I observed when the message box
appeared, the animation frames were drawn, but the background was not
drawn, leaving the old frames on screen. I thought the problem might be
in the animation function or in my OnEraseBkgnd, so I include the code
for both, replacing irrelevant params with constants.

If anybody can figure out what goes wrong, I'll be most grateful. Thank

void CMyImageList::Fly(
        CDC *pDC,       // DC to draw into
        int nImage,     // index of image in ImageList
        CPoint PtSrc,   // starting point
        CPoint PtDest,  // ending point
        CWnd *pWnd = pDC->GetWindow();
        // Set step sizes. No problem here.
        CSize Stepsize((PtDest.x - PtSrc.x) / 10,(PtDest.y - PtSrc.y) /
        for (int i = 1; i <= 10; i++, PtSrc += Stepsize)
                // Draw the image
                // Mark drawn area for update
                if (i<subdiv) // This is to exclude the last draw which
will stay
                        // To remove flicker. Remove overlapping part
from update region.

                // Delay here.
                // This will now clear the part of the old image not
overlapped by the new image.
                //Delay ends here.
        // The last frame. Stays, as mentioned.


BOOL CMyView::OnEraseBkgnd(CDC* pDC)
        // Set brush to desired background color
        CBrush backBrush(BACK_COLOR);
        CRect rect;
        pDC->GetClipBox(&rect); // Erase the area needed
        pDC->PatBlt(rect.left, rect.top, rect.Width(), rect.Height(),

        // This merely draws some rectangles.
        return TRUE;


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