Sleep in winbase.h? 
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 Sleep in winbase.h?

I am writing a log parser program that will be running on a web server so I can't
use a great deal of the CPU... when I try to use the Sleep function I get an
unresolved external error... when I include the winbase.h file which according to
the help contains the function I cannot compile the program at all.  Is there
anything else I need to include with winbase for it to compile correctly? The
only other files I am using are stdlib.h and stdio.h.

Thanks in advance for the help


Mon, 04 Aug 2003 08:11:26 GMT  
 Sleep in winbase.h?

"Unresolved external" means that your code COMPILED fine, but it did not LINK
all of the necessary functions.  Since Sleep is an external function (not in
your own code), you must link to the library that implements it.  You must
ensure that you are linking with Kernel32.lib, since the Kernel32.dll has the
Sleep function, and the import library will make the "connection" for you.

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Mon, 04 Aug 2003 10:57:52 GMT  
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