Colors come up wrong in OwnerDraw Menu 
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 Colors come up wrong in OwnerDraw Menu

I have an ownerdrawn menu that displays a circle (Red,Green,Yellow) and a
line of text for each entry. When this menu is displayed on our IBM 300GLs
(Cirrus Logic graph card) in any resolution and 16 bit color the colors come
up all wrong. Red shows up as Blue, Green shows up as white and Yellow comes
up amber. I am using:
Red 255,0,0
Green 0,255,0
Yellow 255,255,0 for the colors.

If I switch the color depth the 256 the colors show up correctly, then if I
switch back to 16 bit the colors show up correctly. I have tried other
programs with similar color situations and none of them have this incorrect
color problem. The circle is created using the ellipse function. I have
written dummy programs to display ownerdrawn menus and none of them have the

I have tried to create a palette with just those 3 colors and use it, I have
realized the palette and nothing has corrected this problem.

Using 1.52 running Win95.

Any ideas?
Josh Orfanakis

Fri, 09 Jun 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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