Any Guidelines on Source Code Documenting? 
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 Any Guidelines on Source Code Documenting?

Hi Everyone,

I need help. I have finished my project. It is a CAD software for the
printed circuit board design and manufacturing industry. The program works
fine and is thoroughly tested; user's manual is written; everything is ready
to go. But I feel something is lacking--the source code is not documented.
Although I have been commenting on the source files while I coded, I have
not written anything comprehensive to document the software's data
structures, algorithms, limitations, assumptions, shortcuts, compilation
options, etc.... I think a standalone detailed document is needed for future
maintenance. I want to do it professionally so the next programmer will be
able to take over the project easily. I tried to find articles or books on
the standard/style/format for documenting source code but haven't found any.

Can you point me to the right direction? Do you have a book to recommend?
And what is your experiences or tips on documenting source code? How long it
takes to document a project of this size (approximately 45,000 lines of
code) thoroughly? What size should such documentation be?

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Tony Pan

P.S. I have posted this question on another newsgroup two months ago. Some
suggested me use UML developed by Rational Rose. I did some readings on UML
and found that it is quite complicated. It may be an overkill to what I want
to do with my project. I prefer something less sophisticated.

Wed, 25 Jun 2003 01:07:43 GMT  
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