InfoViewer problem, MSVC++ 4.0 
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 InfoViewer problem, MSVC++ 4.0

When I use Help->Search and enter (for example) LoadStdProfileSettings,
I get a list of index entries.  When I double-click on the entry I want,
I get a table of contents listing in my project workspace window with
the entry high-lighted, but I am unable to open InfoViwer to read the
article.  I have tried double-clicking on the selection and have also
tried View->InfoViewer Topic from the menus to no avail.  

This is a new development.  I have been able to read articles in the
past with no problem.  I suspect I have somehow messed up the InfoViewer
settings using Tools->Settings.  I am a new user and have been
experimenting.  I currently have all the boxes checked (show toolbar,
show title, underline jumps, etc.).  I suspect the documentation
probably tells me how to fix this, but I am unable to read the

If you know how to repair whatever I've done, I would surely appreciate
knowing what it is.  Thanks.


Thu, 29 Jul 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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